What is RespOrg?

In the North American Numbering Plan, a RespOrg (Responsible Organization) is a company that maintains the registration for toll-free telephone numbers in the SMS/800 database.

RespOrgs were established in 1993 as part of a Federal Communications Commission order instituting toll-free number portability. A RespOrg can be a service provider, reseller, or end user that directly controls its own toll-free numbers.

What's the overall toll-free number usage?

The toll-free industry in North America – which includes the United States, Canada, and some Caribbean countries – has a limited supply of toll-free numbers (TFNs). There are currently seven open Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs): 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833 resulting in a total of 47.7 million toll-free numbers in the U.S.

Why should I text-enable my toll-free numbers

The market for text-enablement of toll-free numbers is growing and expanding. According to a study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of OneReach, 64% of consumers with texting capabilities would prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel. This data underscores the importance of adding text-enabling for toll-free numbers to complement existing voice services. It’s one of the most effective ways to provide a better customer experience and more effective support offerings.

Is there a standard for toll-free texting?

Yes, in fact TruReach Deliver Aerialink supports the industry standard Texting and Smart Services (TSS) Registry: an open, vendor-neutral repository that delivers the same benefits that SMS/800 provides for toll-free voice numbers.

What does 8MS stand for?

The name 8MS was originally created as acronym for “8XX Management System.”

How is TruReach Toll-Free 8MS licensed and priced?

TruReach Toll-Free 8MS offers affordable activity-based subscription pricing options. The monthly subscription includes provisioning and basic routing as a core service. Add-on SaaS services include voice provisioning, texting and LCR. Our tiered service plans are priced on monthly transaction volumes or by the number of toll-free numbers being managed.

What service plans are available for TruReach Toll-Free 8MS?

Our customers may choose from several service plans and payment options. Our team of experts will help you find the best plan to meet your needs and budget.

Any client with less than 50,000 managed toll-free numbers qualifies for our Service Bureau Basic Service. Basic Service includes all the essentials for managing your toll-free numbers (e.g. searching for toll-free numbers, reserving toll-free numbers, activation, routing, RespOrg changes, etc.)

There are two types of service plan types available for licensing the TruReach Toll-Free 8MS solution:

  • Transaction Service Plans – For those who want to store most or all of their toll-free numbers on the cloud and generate a moderate quantity of TruReach Toll-Free 8MS GUI transactions per month.
  • Number Level Service Plans – For those who require a higher quantity of TruReach Toll-Free 8MS GUI transactions per month.
How do I contact customer support for TruReach Toll-Free 8MS?

Our experienced help desk team can be reached at +1 732-699-6703 or 8mscust@csfcorp.com.