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As a RespOrg, you face all kinds of challenges. There are your business-as-usual, day-to-day concerns such as provisioning and managing countless toll-free numbers. Add your long-term, strategic priorities such as implementing cloud support and toll-free texting. Not to mention unforeseen continuity issues such as power outages or natural disasters.

But all your challenges can be summed up by this fact: Managing millions of toll-free numbers is unbelievably complex. To do it right, even the biggest names need help. That is why more and more RespOrgs are turning to iconectiv.

TruReach Toll-Free 8MS currently manages more than 75% of North America’s toll-free numbers – over 32 million. We have a long heritage and deep understanding of the complexity of managing high-quality telecom initiatives at scale. In fact, our platforms connect more than two billion people on five continents every single day.

we help RespOrgs manage everything

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automation at every step

Our robust solution accelerates toll-free provisioning, so you can manage your business, not just your numbers.

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routing for less

Our complex and Least-Cost-Routing (LCR) can help you save an average of 20% per month on routing costs.

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reserve in bulk

We understand your business, which is why we make it easy for you to reserve thousands of contiguous or non-contiguous toll-free numbers at once.

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be prepared for everything

Our Business Continuity service helps you prepare for the unexpected, including natural disasters, by re-route millions of calls with one simple command.

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Discover what makes Toll-Free 8MS the toll-free industry’s leading innovator and problem solver.

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product features that unleash the full power of toll-free


toll-free provisioning

Devote fewer resources to toll-free provisioning. Discover how TruReach Toll-Free 8MS can make things easier by simplifying and automating the provisioning process.


vanity numbers

Have a specific toll-free number in mind that is tailor-made for your customer’s business? Check out the searchable database to find and reserve vanity numbers with ease.

business continuity

business continuity

Imagine what would happen if your toll-free numbers lost connectivity for a week? If disaster strikes, we have you covered with full business continuity services.