carrier express offers true one-step provisioning

You did it! You’ve gotten your new toll-free numbers reserved and activated in the SMS/800 registry. Now, instead of celebrating, you have an even more challenging task: Coordinating with all of the service providers to get those new numbers, possibly thousands upon thousands of them, correctly routed and terminated in the network. Worst of all, this next phase must be conducted manually, via fax, email or through a separate online portal. A time-consuming, expensive and error-prone process, it can be frustrating.

Fortunately, this process can officially be called “the bad old days.” Because Carrier Express seamlessly automates the entire network side of the provisioning process across multiple major service providers all at once. It’s faster, more accurate, and infinitely easier. As you would imagine, the benefits are innumerable.

  • Reduce costs—Via faster, more accurate provisioning and route optimization

  • Faster time-to-revenue—More accurate provisioning means less rework

  • Happier customers—Instead of delays, you can be ready to go faster

activation automated with Carrier Express

  • Change hundreds of thousands of numbers at a time—add, change, delete toll-free numbers from multiple service providers simultaneously
  • Facilitate batch record management—Quickly view your inventory to see number routing records for each service provider
  • Update routing records any time—Carrier Express eliminates dependencies between the two-step provisioning process