a new customer connection

It is rare in business to find an innovation with zero downside but that is exactly what toll-free texting with TruReach Toll-Free 8MS offers. By simply enabling your toll-free numbers to send and receive text messages, you can allow your customers to communicate with their consumers via text, giving them more flexibility, and increasing efficiency. It is a true win-win situation.

Texting has quickly become one of the most popular communication channels in the world. According to the Short Code Registry, people worldwide send over 8.3 trillion text messages per year. That is 16 million messages each minute. Yet, out of the 42 million toll-free numbers in service today, less than 10% are text-enabled. That is a lot of toll-free numbers that are not taking advantage of people’s preferred way to connect. We help change that by helping businesses establish these new connections with their customers with TruReach Deliver Aerialink. Enabling business texting is easier than you might think. You simply need be ensure that the landline or toll-free numbers are voice-enabled. Then, once that step is completed, the number can be provisioned for texting.

stay more engaged with your customers

By simply enabling toll-free texting on your business numbers, you will be able to expedite the customer service process, enhance efficiency and most importantly, provide a better customer experience.

  • Faster communication: Instead of long wait times with irate customers put on hold for extended time periods, toll-free texts get customers to support representatives faster.
  • Greater efficiency: Instead of having your team scrambling to catch up with lengthy voicemail messages or even missing calls altogether, texts let your team help your customers with far greater efficiency.
  • Better customer experience: Most consumers choose text as their preferred communication method. Toll-free texting allows you to interact with your customers on their terms.

the entire process is quick and straightforward.

 Numbers are generally ready for text on the same or next business day.

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automate the text-enabling process with our provisioning API

The provisioining API is available for RespOrgs, enterprises and service providers with recurring text-enablement needs.

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high-volume messaging

Toll-free routes can be used for high-volume bulk delivery for service-oriented messaging. Please note that standard 10-digit numbers are restricted to two-way, conversational messaging.

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number certification

As a Certified Registrar, we have the ability to text-enable toll-free numbers through the toll-free registry. The toll-free registry is the authoritative source of all text-enabled toll-free numbers. In addition, it provides the critical routing information needed for proper delivery.